Software Development

Software Development

In today’s context software development is not identifying requirements, writing codes and implementing systems. It is more about developing a solution for the business needs that improves productivity, enhance user experience and seamlessly blends with rest of the business processes. This cannot be achieved only by writing good quality codes or well defined testing methods, but requires better understanding of the client’s business processes. Therefore protocol IT works hand in hand with our client and performs a business process analysis before commencing any development activity. This approach has proved to be the success point of our development methodology and in certain instances helped our client to perform business process re-engineering and achieve their organisational goals and targets.

Software solutions includes:

  • Website and portals

  • Internet and Intranet

  • Application development

  • Database development

Platforms includes:

  • Desktop , Tablets and Mobile

  • Microsoft and open source

Protocol IT development stories does not end with implementation, it is continues process of maintenance and support, therefore our solutions never go out of date or obsolete.