Business Mobility

The use of mobile devices like smartphones, employee mobility and working remotely has become a way of life nowadays. Here is why:

  • Internet use on desktop and laptop computers have been flat from 2010 to 2016. On the other hand, mobile usage has increased by 600 per cent.

  • 87 per cent of smartphone users say that their phone never leaves their side

  • 37 per cent of people regularly communicate via a mobile device

  • Up to 68 per cent of emails are opened on mobile smart devices

Here are some reasons why business mobility is important today.


How many of your staff work remotely and, in most cases, required access to documents or spreadsheets while on the go. 90 % of business can be conducted without having to return to an office. Communications is done on APPs, email and unified communications (UC) technology.

Full Featured Business Experience

The ability to seamlessly converge several devices together. Using UC mobility applications now allow the user to have powerful business features like status indication, presence information, directory lookup, call monitoring, call logging and more, all available on a mobile phone.


Running a business phone application on the mobile device and enforcing a business usage protocol, saying all business calls are made from the application as opposed to the native cellular interface, all call records are now available to the business manager for reporting and training purposes.

Protecting your personal mobile number

By running the softphone application on your phone, customers reach you on your mobile device using your standard business number, and when you call customers or business associates from your mobile device, they see only your business phone number, as opposed to your personal mobile phone number. You now can use your personal phone in a work application without publishing your mobile number to the world, allowing you to have a level of separation between work and personal communication, and preserve your privacy.

Call Transitions

In a fixed mobile convergence world, you can take the call in the office, then press a button on the desk phone to seamlessly transfer the call to your mobile application. The customer never knows the transfer happened. When you arrive home after picking up your child from soccer, you press a button on the mobile app and again seamlessly transfer the call to your home line without the customer ever knowing. It’s a beautiful thing.