Oil and Gas

Client: Fjords Processing System

Overview: Fjords Processing provides world-class wellstream processing technology, equipment and expertise to the oil and gas industry. One of the company’s mainstream business is to manufacture oil and gas skids for General Electric. The engineers at Fjords design these skids, procure the parts, monitor the shipments of the parts, oversea the fabrication of the skids and develop the reports required by the General Electric for these modules. The report development was a very cumbersome and time-consuming work that took them more than two weeks of their skid manufacturing time.

Requirement: Fjords Processing approached Protocol IT to develop a system to assist their manufacturing process and facilitate the generation of these reports.

Solution: To achieve this goal Protocol IT developed a web-based system in Java with Microsoft SQL server backend. The idea behind the web-based system is easy connectivity of their manufacturing plants and customer support offices in overseas.

The software development was carried out using the proven methodology used by Protocol IT which is a combination of the agile development techniques and the traditional waterfall method that included the following cycles:

  • 1. Prototype Cycle: This cycle helped Protocol IT to understand the full functional requirements of Fjords Processing. A prototype of the system was developed and presented to the Engineers at Fjords to validate the findings.

  • 2. System Cycle: This cycle included the design and development of a web-based system.

The software helped the engineers to capture details from the quotation to completion. This gave them the added advantages like the easy conversion of the quotation into a project and the facilities to manage the documents related to the projects.

The implementation of this software help Fjords to reduce the amount of time they spend preparing the reports dramatically and also enabled them to create all the reports required by GE at the beginning of the project rather than waiting until the completion of the modules.

Key Benefits:

  • The fast and easy way of reporting with a click of a button.

  • A dashboard for the engineers to view the quotations, projects, and notifications.

  • Web-based system for easy connectivity from the manufacturing plants, customer support offices.

  • Integration with other systems and modules.

The software went live within 8 months after the purchase order was signed.