Not for Profit

Client: Ruah Community Services

Overview: Ruah Community Services is a not for profit organization with over 7 sites within WA with over 200 staff. See their Vision, Mission and Values statement.

VISION: Flourishing communities through active participation and wellbeing of people with complex needs.

MISSION: Empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged people to create meaningful change in their lives through provision of quality support services.

VALUES: The core values that are embedded into Ruah’s ways of working, and which the organisation exemplifies in all its activities, are:

  • Respect: A high regard for the value and worth of each person and the natural world, in all our practices and interactions.

  • Grassroots: A hands-on approach to pursuing social justice in the community by responding to needs and aspirations in practical ways.

  • Partnership: a commitment to working with all stakeholders for the common good.

  • Integrity: the pursuit of honesty, ethical practice, trustworthiness and accountability in all interactions.

  • Creativity: an openness to and exploration into innovative ideas and possibilities.

Protocol IT have been managing all IT & IS requirements for Ruah Community Services since 2016.

Requirement: Ruah Community Services had a very high IT infrastructure. This was due to expensive IT equipment such as servers and IT appliances required to manage the local infrastructure. Ruah engaged Protocol IT to conduct an IT audit in March 2016. It was discovered during the audit that Ruah relied on local servers to manage their data, email and account, HR and payroll data. Management and maintenance of these blew out operational costs.

Solution: Taking it account that Ruah has multiple offices and always have a need to setup new offices in short notice, Protocol IT recommended that their systems be migrated into a full true cloud.